Meditation Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD
The herbs in this tea blend are designed to help you deepen your meditation experience.

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Meditation Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD

Meditation is a beautiful way to slow down, switch off from external input and connect to your inner world. Have you thought about incorporating herbal tea to enhance your meditation practice?


Chamomile, Red Clover, Cinnamon, Gotu Kola, Lemon Balm.

Herbal Actions:

Plants have an affinity for balancing chakras and support emotional healing. The herbs in this tea blend are designed to help you deepen your meditation experience.

Chamomile: promotes inner peace for those who overthink causing tension and anxiety.

Red Clover: aids resolution of emotional turmoil through improved understanding of your emotions with enhanced communication and self expression.

Cinnamon: Tastes yum improves circulation and on also deepens meditation, enhances psychic abilities and protects against negative energies.

Gotu Kola: is a brain tonic and strongly enhances intuition and an intensified depth of meditation. Gotu Kola particularly balances the left and right parts of the brain, essential for communication and connection with our higher consciousness.

Lemon Balm: supports our self confidence, courage, opens us up to love and emotional security. Traditionally used when people are searching for an understanding of what they are here to do.


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