Relax Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD
The perfect blend to enjoy if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or irritable.

Organic Herbal Tea

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Relax Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD

A cup of Relax tea will get your feet back on the ground, allowing you to take a deep breath.

Enjoy a strong cup before bed for a better nights sleep.


Lemon Balm and Passionflower

+ with Licorice Root
+ with Chamomile Flowers

How these clever herbs work:

Lemon Balm calms our nervous system and improves mood naturally.

Passionflower is a key herb for promoting our body's rest and digest response. Passionflower is great at getting you into a deeper and more restorative sleep. If you are prone to waking during the night try this blend to help you sleep through the night.

By improving your sleep quality you find you naturally have more energy to get through your day.

Licorice Root adds a sweeter taste, whilst providing a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect an irritated gut lining or stomach ulceration. Licorice root is also traditionally used as an adrenal tonic.

Chamomile Flowers adds support for IBS symptoms of IBS, re-flux and reduces cramping and gas.


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