Liver Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD
A gentle bitter blend for bile stimulation, improved digestive function & liver support

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Liver Tea

A$ 13.00 AUD

Does your Liver need some love?  A few signs of a sluggish Liver are dull complexion, a loss of appetite or even a short temper. If any of these sounds familiar perhaps you need a month or two on our Liver tea.


Burdock, Dandelion, Schisandra Berry and Spearmint.

Herbal Actions:

Burdock root

Dandelion root

Schisandra Berry



Constipation, fatigue, headaches, hormonal problems, nausea, indigestion may be some signs that your liver needs some support.

We love using our herbs to support good liver function along with diet and lifestyle changes for long term health benefits. It is no secret these days that good liver support will help move those extra  2-5 kgs you seem to find every winter.


**** Hemogenic Iridology


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