Alice and her team of experienced and caring health professionals use current evidence based methods to ensure your treatment is safe and effective.
Health conditions are reviewed with a holistic approach aiming to treat the cause of the problem.

Remedial Massage
Decrease your muscular tension and pain, and improve your flexibility, with hands on therapeutic muscular therapy. Targeting the soft tissue of your body, achieve relief from tightness and pain and improve your mobility.
Stretching and Yoga
Use it or lose it! Or if you have lost it, find it again through moving :) Stretching tight muscles helps reduce pain and stiffness in your joints, increases movement and keeps you stronger and straighter. Do you want to know what specific stretches you need to move better?
Core Stability Exercises
Muscle and joint pain is often due to a combination of a group of tight muscles and a group of weak muscles. Sometimes our muscles are strong however we are not activating them properly and other times there are muscles weaknesses that need to be addressed.
Pain management
Pain isn't a time to be stoic. It's important to not only focus on your immediate treatment but also on your successful long-term recovery from chronic pain.
Iridology is the art of reading the Iris to obtain information about your health on a systemic level. There are 3 constitution types Lymphatic, Hemogenic and Mixed. Which one are you?
DNA Testing
DNA testing is now reliable. affordable and fast. It is very helpful in complex cases to assess underlying biochemistry strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed. It is also available for  people who want to know more about their own health.
Custom tea blends
Who knew tea could be so effect and healing...? Me :) Each visit your system is different, something has cleared a new symptom may have popped up. Get a blend that works for exactly where your at. This helps you get to where you want to go faster.
Western Herbal Medicine
Plants kick start the healing process. We use them in a variety of forms from fresh plants, liquid tinctures, dried as teas, creams and tablets. The aim is to bring your body into balance and restore vitality.
PeriNatal Care
We are here to support you at every step of the way. If its preconception care and advice for you and your partner, Optimising fertility, supporting a healthy pregnancy and post natal care.
Childrens Health
Looking for a more natural option to help with your child's health? Naturopathy is good option for kids as it's gentle and non-invasive. We always look to address the underlying cause of your child's symptoms.
Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy
Traditionally certain flowers were used to settle emotional imbalances to ensure the physical body heals and stays healthy. We are lucky to have these subtle healing tools available to use today.
Nutritional Advice
We use supplements when needed and they are helpful getting your system working better fast. However we really focus on can to getting your diet looking fab so you are not on supplements for long.
Dry Needling
Dry Needling is the use of a filiform needle inserted directly into the myofacial trigger point. By increasing circulation you will have an increased range of motion, increased strength & return of proper bio-mechanics.
Pregnancy Massage
Yes ladies it is safe to have massage (by a trained professional) when you are pregnant. It is the most natural way to sooth aches and pains. Especially headaches, hip and back pain. Allow your self a time out to relax and recharge.

Who we are

Alice Wilson

Naturopath. Herbalist & Myotherapist

Alice loves the ocean, travel, herbal tea and working with people get their mind and body working better. She is constantly amazed at how the body can heal itself.

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Alice has 14 years clinical experience. She started her career as a Myotherapist, working in Melbourne with elite level athletes and gymnasts. However, it was through her Myotherapy work with the MS Society of Victoria that really opened her eyes to the positive change that diet and lifestyle can have on chronic pain, inflammation and immune system dysfunction. She wanted to learn more about how to help the body naturally heal itself. This lead her to another 5 years of study to obtain a Bachelor of Health Science, with a major in Naturopathy from Australia's oldest Natural Medicine School, SSNT. During her study she did a number of clinical observation placements learning from Integrative GP's and other medical specialists. As well as completing a summer internship at an Intergrative Cancer Centre in California and Mexico. These experiences made it clear how using the best of both worlds allopathic and complementary medicine gets the best patient outcomes.

Having worked in Geelong, Lara and the Surfcoast for 10 years, in a range of multi disciplinary clinics, Alice has a wide referral network of passionate like-minded health practitioners. So if she can't fix the problem she will happily refer on the right person for your situation.

Locally Alice has been a Myotherapist for the Geelong Cats AFL Team, A lecturer of Myotherapy at The Gordon, as well as running a number of community based nutrition talks.

Currently Alice is a volunteer Naturopath at the Norlane Healing Hands Clinic and is running monthly workshops examining the mind-body connection and healing with herbal medicine, meditation and other natural tools.

Available for Consults:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Every second Saturday

** Please note Alice is having some R & R time off in April 2022 so more appointments available in May.

Private Health Fund rebates are available for Myotherapy consults.

Kira Stokes

Clinical Nutritionist

Kira adopts a balanced, whole food approach to food. She believes that food is to be enjoyed, nourishing and non-restrictive.

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Kira Stokes is a Geelong based clinical nutritionist specialising in food as medicine and personalised meal plans.

She received her Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition) degree from Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Each meal plan is specifically created to meet your goals and suit your lifestyle. As well as ensuring your individual nutritional needs are met. If required nutritional supplements may be used to bridge gaps in nutrition and reach a goal quicker, to also correct nutrient deficiency and optimise health.

Clinical nutritionists are holistic in their approach to healing, taking into consideration mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is also based on evidence-based research, meaning research findings and traditional holistic practices are combined to inform personalised treatment plans.

Kira looks forward to working with you to identify nurture points to optimise health and wellbeing, to help create a healthy relationship with food, with a strong emphasis on balance. Ultimately to support you to be the healthiest and happiest version of you.

Kira’s areas of interest

Gut health - Food allergies/intolerances

Mental health – anxiety + low mood

Vegetarian + vegan diets

Coeliac disease

Disordered eating

Available for Consults:

Friday & Saturday

* A free 15min discovery call can also be booked online to find out how Kira can help

Clinic Location

Alice Nature South Geelong Clinic

407 Yarra Street, South Geelong


Monday - Friday: 8am to 6:30pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

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"Alice is a empathetic and very knowledgeable practioner who is outstanding in Myotherapy and Naturopathy and I have no reservations on recommending her abilities. I always feel much better once I’ve been to her and I travel regularly 3 hrs to see her"

Myotherapy Client 2018-current

I consulted with Alice regarding a 4 week detox program to improve my general health. Despite being a 60+ male and a little sceptical of the whole idea I found the experience very rewarding. An added bonus was losing 10kg and getting rid of reflux I had suffered with for 20 years.

Naturopath client, detox program 2016, 2017 & 2018.

I have been very happy with my results after only 9 months of treatment, diet change and herbal liver support my raised liver enzymes and high  cholesterol came back to healthy range! I have more energy better digestion and a recent ultrasound showed no more signs of fatty liver.

Naturopath Client 2018

My wife and I have been seeing Alice as our Myotherapist. We have had a number of injuries and issues that Alice has helped us overcome and her needling work is second to none.

Myotherapy Client , since 2010