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Please see below simple handouts that I have developed over my years in clinic. They are easy to use ways of taking what has been discussed in your session to help with practical implementation. Enjoy and email if you have any questions :)

Histamine Foods

A list of high histamine foods to highlight what in your diet maybe causing flare ups of your hay fever, rashes or food allergy symptoms.
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Magnesium & Zinc Food as Medicine

Take less pills and eat more food :) This handout is aimed primary at growing kids when their nutrient needs are changing as they grow.
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Iron, food as medicine

Iron tablets are needed when Ferritin is low however in the long term make sure your diet meets your iron needs.
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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Great so you have been in the clinic and pulled your cards and now want to create your own positive affirmations to help clear old habits and balance your emotions. Have fun!
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