Stretching and Yoga


Use it or lose it! Or if you have lost it, find it again through moving :) Stretching tight muscles helps reduce pain and stiffness in your joints, increases movement and keeps you stronger and straighter. Do you want to know what specific stretches you need to move better?

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Myotherapy Geelong

Hands on therapeutic muscular therapy that specifically targets the soft tissue of your body, achieving relief of tightness and pain, and improving mobility.

Why do stretching and yoga

If you have been into the clinic for a Myotherapy session you will have been given some stretches as homework. Do them for at least the week following your treatment as this prolongs the benefits and can continue to improve your range of motion by 40%. To make the most of your session and do your homework! Click on the videos if you need a reminder or how to do your stretches. We are working of a catalogue of stretches for you.

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Yoga & Stretching at Alice Nature

Once the results are in your Naturopath will help you bring them to life! Suggesting diet, exercise and lifestyle options that are best suited for you.  These results can also help us select the right form of nutrient or mineral for you depending on your absorption abilities.

Digging deeper helps us understand why.. Why is it you are out in the sun a lot but your vitamin D is always low?  Why is your clearance of oestrogen slower than your sister's?

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We are proud to offer a calm and quiet space to help yourecharge and refocus. With our approach to understand the cause of your healthconcerns we strive to resolve symptoms as soon as possible.

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