Dry Needling

Improve muscle activation patterns

Dry Needling is the use of a filiform needle inserted directly into the myofacial trigger point. By increasing circulation you will have an increased range of motion, increased strength & return of proper bio-mechanics.

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Myotherapy Geelong

Hands on therapeutic muscular therapy that specifically targets the soft tissue of your body, achieving relief of tightness and pain, and improving mobility.

What is a myofascial trigger point

A myofascial trigger point, also known as a "knot" in the muscle. They develop when muscle fibers tighten and compress the capillaries and nerves that supply them.

 As a result, the muscle is unable to move normally, obtain a fresh blood supply containing oxygen and nutrients, or flush out additional fluids such as pain producing substances or lactic acid.

Trigger points are often formed by the muscle going into spasm to protect a nerve or joint from serious injury. They are common when there is muscle imbalances, weak core stability, or when you increase your training or start a new exercise or sport.

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Dry Needling at Alice Nature

Once the results are in your Naturopath will help you bring them to life! Suggesting diet, exercise and lifestyle options that are best suited for you.  These results can also help us select the right form of nutrient or mineral for you depending on your absorption abilities.

Digging deeper helps us understand why.. Why is it you are out in the sun a lot but your vitamin D is always low?  Why is your clearance of oestrogen slower than your sister's?

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We are proud to offer a calm and quiet space to help you recharge and refocus. With our approach to understand the cause of your health concerns we strive to resolve symptoms as soon as possible.

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