Custom tea blends

Herbal Tea, a gentle start

Who knew tea could be so effect and healing...? Me :) Each visit your system is different, something has cleared a new symptom may have popped up. Get a blend that works for exactly where your at. This helps you get to where you want to go faster.

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Myotherapy Geelong

Hands on therapeutic muscular therapy that specifically targets the soft tissue of your body, achieving relief of tightness and pain, and improving mobility.

Herbal Tea - A blend for every season

Our bodies are constantly changing, with the seasons, with life stages, with diet.  This is why with each visit to the clinic you can get a blend for what are feeling today.  We can always use your favourites as a base, spearmint, lemongrass and ginger, and then build some magic into that mix.

We use all organic herbs and sourced locally when possible.

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Herbal Tea at Alice Nature

Once the results are in your Naturopath will help you bring them to life! Suggesting diet, exercise and lifestyle options that are best suited for you.  These results can also help us select the right form of nutrient or mineral for you depending on your absorption abilities.

Digging deeper helps us understand why.. Why is it you are out in the sun a lot but your vitamin D is always low?  Why is your clearance of oestrogen slower than your sister's?

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Book a Consult with a Naturopath

Would youlike to have a custom tea blended for you? No worries, book a short consult with our Naturopath. If you have a custom blend already that you want refilled then simply contact us.

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